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ITA is in the business of selling technology and services to the travel industry. To help further refine our technologies and experiment with new features, ITA Software offers versions of our airfare pricing and shopping product free to consumers.

Matrix, ITA’s public airfare shopping engine powered by QPX, has proven a tremendous asset to travelers shopping for air travel. Matrix has given us extensive insight into the needs of travelers and produced valuable ideas for enhancing our product.

The same shopping service is now available for mobile devices like the Android, BlackBerry®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®, via our airfare shopping mobile application, OnTheFly™.

We’re now offering a new search feature, Flight Search, which can be accessed on Flight Search combines ITA’s expertise with Google’s technology to offer users new flight search tools that make it easy to quickly find the best flight. Watch the video.  


How do you plan your travel?

If you enjoy using advanced technology to plan your airline travel, try out some of ITA's tools. We welcome and appreciate your feedback

Key Products for Travelers:

Matrix  -  Airfare Shopping website
OnTheFly™  -  Mobile Airfare Shopping App

Flight Search - Enhanced Google search tools for flight-related queries


Traveler Tools:

Matrix Airfare Search



Moble App


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Google Flight Search