Solutions for Travel Distributors

Travel distributors turn to ITA Software for innovative solutions that help them compete more effectively for today’s demanding travelers. With ITA technology they can:

  • Market more effectively with deep airfare search results and flexibility in fare products
  • Create great user experiences with innovative shopping features
  • Improve operational efficiency by equipping agents with a comprehensive pricing and repricing solution


How will you set yourself apart from the crowd?

ITA is committed to helping travel distributors deliver the price, value, and user experience that consumers and business travelers demand. With R&D investments to find better ways to use our products for pricing and shopping in websites, mobile apps, social media, and online portals, ITA is developing the technology that will empower tomorrow’s leaders in travel distribution.

  Travel Distribution
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Key Benefits for Travel Distributors:

Pricing & Shopping

Key Products for Travel Distributors:

Pricing & Shopping