Reward Shopping

Sophisticated and exceptionally flexible, QPX™ Reward Shopping enables airlines to help their loyal passengers find reward flights while at the same time achieving their own revenue objectives.

Simplify & Improve the Reward Shopping Experience

Make it even easier to reward customer loyalty

  • Delivers a simple, highly automated, self-service experience

  • Supports all common reward programs:

    • Both flight rewards and upgrade rewards
    • Typical fixed-tier flight reward grids
  • Can also be used for variable, dynamic flight rewards:

    • Conversion of revenue pricing into reward plan currency
    • Conversion of business rules such as vary by user, point-of-sale and market
  • Enhances reward redemption program flexibility:

    • One-way, round trip, multi-city and other itineraries
    • Mixed reward solutions such as multiple classes of service or reward tiers
    • Combined programs with reward miles and currency
    • Alliance/partnership-based programs
  • Dramatically reduces cost and complexity through reduced call center times and training times

  • Leverages familiar fare-by-rule logic to manage reward processing

  • Accurately applies and clearly displays all relevant fare rules, restrictions, taxes and fees

  • Integrates all the functionality of QPX to provide the most comprehensive reward search with flexible input and output parameters:

    • Configurable search inputs
    • Comprehensive, availability-checked search solutions
    • Upsell, flexible date, calendar and multiple destination shopping
  • Single robust XML API can be deployed across all applications and channels

  • Optional use of ITA ReShop™ allows users to change or refund reward tickets.

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