ITA Software's ReShop™ automates what once was a complex, costly and error-prone process. Its highly sophisticated airfare shopping enables customers to change reservations online for partially flown and wholly unflown tickets as simply and accurately as possible.

Enable Automation of Your Most Difficult Transactions

Quickly process ticket changes without sacrificing revenue

  • Supports changes or refunds to unused or partially-flown tickets

  • Allows user to reprice and shop for revenue and reward tickets

  • Compares new and old itineraries, automatically recalculating under- or over-payments

  • Uses flexible industry standards like ATPCO Cat 31 to express airline business rules for reissues and Cat 33 for refunds

  • Integrates full QPX shopping capabilities for itinerary changes:

    • Presents users with a complete set of fully-priced and availability-checked flight alternatives
    • Supports upsell, flexible date, calendar and multiple destination shopping
    • Supports shopping and pricing of multiple passengers simultaneously, adjusting for individual discounts, changes in passenger status and companion fares
    • Implements all US/CA and international pricing principles, public and private fares, fare by rule and constructed fares and all sales restrictions
    • Based on same XML schema as ITA QPX Pricing and Shopping product
  • Provides all data necessary to complete the refund/exchange transaction

    • Accurate application and clear display of all relevant fare rules, restrictions, taxes, penalties and fees
    • Calculates taxes, multiple currencies, penalties, fees and fare differences
    • Accurate application and clear display of ATPCO-filed baggage charges
  • Single robust XML API can be deployed in any customer application (e.g. web, mobile, contact center, kiosks)

ReShop™ Dynamic Waivers

ReShop now automates the application of waiver rules and penalties for airlines

  • Automates the calculation and application of waivers per carrier business rules

  • Features a simple user interface that lets an airline author waiver rules for specific situations

  • Allows you to respond within minutes to temporary disruptions in service caused by weather or unanticipated ground conditions, without waiting for standard ATPCO load times

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