MSE Offload

MSE Offload gives airlines a single interface for pricing and shopping content for Meta Search Engines (MSE). It provides a standard API and makes it easy for airlines to specify the business logic used to return fully priced solutions. Beyond being able to support single date shopping and pricing a specified itinerary, MSE Offload also supports flexible date shopping.

Implementation of MSE Offload benefits both MSE partners and airlines. For partners, MSE Offload provides consistent results and bookable solutions through a simple API. It reduces complexity and allows partners to more efficiently aggregate all search results, complete with accurate booking information gathered through a deeplink to the airline’s website or other direct channels.

For airlines, MSE offload provides complete control of what content is distributed to each partner through configurable business logic and ensures results are consistent for all channels. Processing logic is also reduced and host volumes are minimized, thus reducing airline hardware requirements and query costs.