With ITA Merchandising airlines can efficiently create and distribute tailored customer offerings, responding quickly to shifts in the market and greatly enhancing opportunities to increase ancillary revenues.

The product is comprised of a Catalog Manager that makes it easy for airline employees to define ancillary products and a Merchandising Server which gives airlines the power and flexibility to deliver customized shopping experiences. Easy to integrate with third party suppliers as well as internal airline systems, ITA Merchandising lets airlines get creative with inventory control and provide booking for all the products and services included within their ancillary product offering. This lets airline customers quickly and easily choose the travel options best suited for their interests, and ultimately leads to more satisfied and more loyal customers.

Flexible Merchandise Product Definition

Tailor product attributes and prices as the market evolves

  • Supports various airline strategies to combine the core air product with ancillary products and services

    • Add on ancillary products to a flight purchase a la carte
    • Combine ancillary products with other fares to define a new bundled product
    • Use ancillary products to promote specific markets, drive sales of distressed air inventory, etc.
  • Enables the definition and management of products without the input complexity, fixed data structure, and long lead times needed to file traditional fares and rules

  • Offers near real-time update of catalog entries

  • Catalog entries can be used to substitute for or complement ATPCO Optional Services data

  • Robust product and rules assure harmony with airline revenue management goals (e.g. POS dependency, O/D control, premium seats)

  • Allows products and prices to be tailored by customer and flight characteristics to improve conversion and customer experience

Centralized Service Hub

Merchandising Server enables efficient integrations

  • Integrates full shopping capabilities of QPX and ReShop to apply advanced shopping features to other airline merchandise

  • Handles pre-/post-processing logic of shopping results

  • Easily integrates with third party systems (e.g. profile system, PNR store, seat inventory)

  • Catalog content can be made availabile to third-party systems for distribution

  • Modular components (i.e. Catalog Manager, Inventory) can be deployed as needed, and in phases, based on an airline's unique needs

  • Optional features include funcitonality to provide inventory controls for ancillary products and a booking gateway to third party suppliers

Scalable & Extensible

Integrate with ease and generate results quickly

  • Quickly and easily integrates with existing systems

    • Single, robust XML API can be deployed across all applications and channels
    • Built on open systems architecture
    • Scales to support any number of concurrent users and transactions
  • Compatible with industry-standard data filings

  • Offers reliable uptime and performance

  • Backed by the industry's highest level of service and support, with:

    • Unmatched disaster recovery capabilities
    • Thorough and reliable testing environments

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