Availability Solutions

Our advanced availability solutions store, calculate and distribute flight schedule data and seat availability to satisfy millions of availability queries per second. They can help improve availability for any of your airline partner websites as well as the online travel distribution websites that we power. For airlines with simpler requirements, we access availability via AVS, NAVS or polling techniques. If you have more complex availability management needs, such as Journey Control, you may choose DACS®, ITA’s Dynamic Availability Calculating System.

Seamless polling Caching, AVS & NAVS DACS®
Supports O&D Logic
Supports JCL
Supports Unlimited POS Controls
Supports Calendar Searching
Supports Full-Featured Modern Search
Lower Cost/Query for Airlines


ITA Software’s DACS offers a unique approach to managing seat availability and is a proven, cost-efficient, high-performance product that gives airlines a better way to manage availability across all distribution channels.

Experience Advanced Availability that Dramatically Reduces Costs

Stop paying for seamless availability queries - start using DACS

  • Ensures accurate itinerary solutions are offered across ITA Software's vast QPX Pricing & Shopping customer base of leading travel distributors and partner airlines
  • Offers flexible deployment options
    • A customized solution is designed by ITA given the airline's preference and their data feeds from airline revenue management and inventory management systems
    • Integrates easily with airlines' revenue management and Origin & Destination (O&D) systems
    • Calculates seat availability without burdening the inventory control system
  • Answers any volume of availability requests quickly, accurately and cost-effectively
  • Supports O&D availability, journey control, point-of-sale and custom business logic
  • Supports unlimited POS controls
  • Scales without limit to support well beyond one million queries per second

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