ITA Software understands that hosting is a critical component of the services we provide our customers. We hire top-flight staff, who work together with our industry partners to implement airtight processes and controls that keep our platform available and fully functional around the clock.

ITA relies on these colocation and telecommunications partners for critical services that lie outside our core business. We lease data center space, power, cooling, and connectivity at high levels of redundancy for our hosting platform. Our facilities and network managers monitor service levels vigilantly, making sure they never fall short of your needs.

Our hosting platform is optimally fast and stable, built from the floor up by ITA staff members with vast expertise in networking, systems, and storage. We purchase hardware configured to our exact specifications and assemble it into efficient, fault-tolerant computer farms that minimize any possibility of failure. From the operating system through the entire application stack, it’s all customized for maximum performance and reliability. Skilled and highly trained experts configure and operate our products to synch perfectly with the supporting hardware and software.

Of course a hosting solution is only as reliable as the processes that manage it. ITA Operations creates processes that support predictability in implementation, change and even incident management with a minimum of unnecessary effort and delay. These processes bind us into a cohesive unit—partners, staff, and infrastructure—working toward a common goal: A hosting service of world-class quality and reliability.