QPX™ effortlessly searches – at a billion combinations per query – fares, schedules, and availability. Its highly configurable XML interface lets customers make changes more quickly and efficiently, respond rapidly to shifting market conditions, drive sales, and dramatically slash distribution costs. Used by leading airlines and travel companies, QPX fundamentally alters the way travel companies can do business. 

Unlimited Travel Search Flexibility

Tap a deep well of potential revenue with advanced shopping features

  • Enables configuration of all inputs and results to provide the optimal user experience across all applications and channels
  • Easily handles the most complex search criteria:
    • One-way, round trip, multi-city, and open jaw itineraries
    • Multiple origin and/or destinations by radius or customer-defined affinity groups
    • Highly flexible date and calendar shopping
    • Every class of service
    • Multiple passengers and any passenger type
    • Highly configurable customer defined business logic
  • Quickly calculates price and checks availability for all relevant itinerary options, including:
    • Query results that include all fare bases, all taxes and charges, the horizontal fare calculation, currency details, flight information, schedule data, equipment type, customizable warning messages, and more
    • Single- or multi-carrier itineraries with full cross-shopping capability
    • Accurate application and clear display of ATPCO-filed free baggage allowances
    • Pricing solutions tailored by market segment, point-of-sale, channel, and even user
    • All public and private fares, including zone fares, percent off, net fares, and flat rate fares
    • IATA checks and tax calculations for all countries
    • Any combination of single or multiple currencies
  • Evaluates billions of flight and fare combinations per query, with customized value functions, letting agents and travelers quickly identify the best travel solution


Simple & Configurable Integration

QPX Boomboxprovides customized, high-level services that make implementation easy

  • Quickly and easily integrates with existing systems
    • Integrates with high-level UI oriented services while harnessing the full power of QPX
    • Can be deployed across all applications and channels
  • Enables rapid deployment of advanced shopping features, such as slice-by-slice shopping, calendar, sellup, etc.
  • Configured by ITA, based on customer business logic


Reliable, Scalable & Extensible

Adapt to evolving business needs quickly and reliably

  • Scales without limit to support any number of concurrent users and transactions
  • Built on open systems architecture
  • Delivers all the information necessary to book and ticket any itinerary
  • Utilizes industry-standard data filings
  • Offers industry-leading uptime and performance
  • Backed by the industry's highest level of service and support, with:
    • 24x7 in-house network and operations center that controls, monitors, and supports every aspect of your hosted application
    • Unmatched disaster recovery capabilities
    • Thorough and reliable testing environments
  • License includes frequent releases of software, incorporating industry changes, updates, and customer enhancements

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