ITA's Mobile Solution

ITA's mobile solution for airfare pricing and shopping, opens a new sales and service channel for airlines and travel distributors. Travel companies can now license and integrate QPX™ with their booking engines and for their mobile platforms.

ITA's mobile solution makes it fast and fun for your travelers to compare options across airlines, dates, and alternate cities/airports.


Powerful Airfare Shopping at Your Fingertips

Control all aspects of the search and shopping experience


  • Fully integrates the rich functionality and power or QPX
  • Lets users search and shop for the lowest airfares for both domestic and international trips
  • Enables tailored branding and interface modifications
  • Supports location-aware departure and arrival airport selection, with options for choosing nearby alternate airports, as well as remembering your previous choices
  • 30-day calendar view simplifies trip planning in one easy-to-use, graphical interface
  • Saved search and itinerary feature lets you organize your travel plans and monitor prices
  • Enables fine-grained control over many search parameters:
    • Number and type of passengers
    • Outbound and return departure and arrival times
    • Number of stops
    • Class of service
    • Ability to allow multi-airline flights and airport changes
    • Ability to check seat availability
    • Ability to specify the sales city
  • Easy-to-read chart summaries enable intuitive comparison between carriers, number of stops, travel dates, airports, plus total mileage and carbon emissions for each trip
  • Enables flight-by-flight building
  • Provides full disclosure of exact airfare calculation, including all taxes, fees, and information necessary to make a reservation and purchase a ticket

Superior Systems & Service

Rely on the highest level of service in the industry

  • 24x7 operation and support with industry-leading performance levels and comprehensive redundancy and disaster recovery solutions
  • Flexible operating models are available for airlines and travel distributors that desire self-hosting of components
  • Fully scalable solutions

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