• ITA Software founded by computer scientists from MIT.

  • QPX™

    ITA Software launches low fare shopping, attracting over a million users.


  • ITA Software provides live demo of QPX™ at the Windows 2000 launch event in SFO.


  • Orbitz launches ITA Software's QPX™ - credited with the biggest e-commerce launch.


  • America West becomes first airline to launch QPX™.


  • ITA Software launches calendar shopping with Orbitz.


  • Continental Airlines becomes the first airline to launch QPX™ international pricing & shopping.

  • DACS®

    ITA Software launches DACS® (dynamic availability calculating system).


  • Alaska Airlines launches QPX™, shattering previous online sales records.


  • Alitalia becomes first international point-of-sale customer, immediately increasing internet sales by over 225%.


  • ITA Software launches Reward Shopping with Continental Airlines.

  • ITA Software announces $100 million in equity financing.


    ITA Software partners with customers such as Aeroplan, Farecast, Hotwire, and Kayak to foster new & innovative business models.


  • ITA Software receives Technology Fast 50 New England and Fast 500 North America awards from Deloitte.


  • Jeremy Wertheimer recognized by Travel + Leisure Magazine as a Top 35 Innovator who is changing travel in the 21st century.


  • ITA Software named one of the Best Places to Work in Boston by the Boston Business Journal.


  • ITA Software announces plans to develop a new passenger reservation management system with Air Canada as launch partner.


  • United Airlines launches QPX™ on united.com.


  • ITA Software receives the 2007 TravelCom Innovator of the Year award.


  • ITA Software named one of the Best Places to Work by the Boston Business Journal two years running.


  • Jeremy Wertheimer received the 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year for Vertical Market Software in the New England region.


  • United States Department of Defense selects ITA Software for its online travel portal.


  • Alaska Airlines becomes first airline to launch ITA Software's ReShop™.


  • US Airways selects ITA Software's ReShop™ for its customer call centers, airport kiosks, and usairways.com.


  • TAP Portugal launches QPX on www.flytap.com.


  • All Nippon Airways becomes ITA Software's first customer in the Asia Pacific market.


  • ITA Software named one of the Best Places to Work in Boston by the Boston Business Journal 3 out of 4 years.


  • Southwest Airlines launches QPX™ on southwest.com.


  • ITA Software opens its first international office in Amsterdam.


  • ITA Software celebrates 10 year anniversary of QPX™.


  • ITA Software launches Needlebase, a smarter way to collect and organize data on the web.


  • ITA Software recognized by Fast Company as a Top 10 Most Innovative Transportation Company.


  • Virgin Atlantic launches QPX™ on virgin-atlantic.com.


  • Google & ITA Software sign acquisition agreement.


  • ITA Software launches OnTheFly™, a mobile application for the iPhone.


  • ITA Software launches OnTheFly™ mobile app for Android.


  • StudentUniverse launches QPX™ on StudentUniverse.com.


  • Hipmunk launches QPX™ on hipmunk.com.


  • American Airlines announces use of ITA Merchandising which allows them to offer customized travel options through all channels.


  • StarAlliance launches FareFinder, a mobile app developed and powered by ITA Software.

  • Google launches Flight Search to provide faster, more flexible, and more useful results for online travel searches.

  • VEGAS.com launches QPX™.

  • Cape Air becomes first airline to launch ITA's new airline platform.

  • Club Premier launches QPX to convert kilometers into miles.
  • uses ITA's pricing and shopping technology to allow travelers to search their combined global network for the best deals, instantly.

  • Turkish Airlines launches QPX™ in their call centers.

In the mid-nineties, a group of MIT computer scientists, including founders Jeremy Wertheimer, Dave Baggett, and Carl de Marcken, took aim at a complex computing challenge that had plagued the travel industry for three decades: how to quickly, consistently, and accurately identify the best available airfares without relying on high-cost, low-efficiency mainframe computers. The start-up company debuted its revolutionary airfare pricing and shopping system at an industry conference in 1999. The Washington Post promptly dubbed it "The Second.com-ing."

"The unnamed air-fare search tool was developed by former students in MIT's renowned Artificial Intelligence Lab -- the place where many of the exotic digital technologies that show up on the pages of Wired are born."

  Craig Stoltz, Former Travel Editor, Washington Post



In 2000, Orbitz selected ITA to power its consumer online travel site. Leading airlines and travel distributors — drawn to ITA by its flexible pricing, shopping, and availability technology — soon followed, including American Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Continental, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Microsoft's Bing (formerly Farecast), and Kayak.

In early 2006, ITA Software secured a $100 million equity investment, at the time the largest ever in New England. On April 12, 2011, ITA Software was acquired by Google, Inc. 

In March of 2012, Cape Air became the first airline to implement ITA Software by Google’s new airline platform. This system will streamline bookings and greatly enhance the end-to-end passenger experience.