ITA Software technology is widely used by domestic and international airlines, online and traditional travel agents, corporate and government-managed booking tools, global distribution systems (GDSs), metasearch services, leisure packaging systems and technology providers. A partial list of our customers follows.

Accovia Aeroplan Air Canada Air France-KLM Alaska Airlines Alitalia American Airlines Cheap Tickets Club Premier Deem Defense Travel System Delta Hawaiian Airlines Hipmunk H.I.S. Kayak nuTravel Technology Solutions Orbitz Redtag S7 Group Southwest Airlines StudentUniverse Travel Impressions Turkish Airlines United US Airways Virgin Atlantic

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Accovia is a global leader in travel packaging technology, and one of the first to leverage ITA's domestic and international dynamic packaging capabilities.


Aeroplan is a pioneer in dynamic reward redemption. Together, ITA and Aeroplan are taking air reward shopping to new heights.

Aeroplan Case Study

Air Canada

Air Canada launched QPX flight availability within its Flight Pass system in October 2007 and with Air Canada Vacations in December 2007.

Air France-KLM

Air France-KLM uses ITA search technology to help travelers find the best airfare deals across their combined global network instantly.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines was the first to use QPX upsell capability and the first to launch ITA's ReShop. Learn how Alaska Airlines is empowering its customers and increasing revenues with QPX and ITA.

Alaska Airlines ReShop Case Study


Alitalia leverages QPX advanced sales features for revenue and reward shopping, dramatically increasing direct sales.

Alitalia Case Study

American Airlines

American Airlines creates a superior online user experience by using QPX to power its merchandising capabilities, convenient calendar, award shopping, online reprice/reissue transactions, multi-city searches, network and interline shopping, one-way or segment pricing options, and its intuitive cabin class matrix.

American Airlines Case Study

Cheap Tickets

Cheap Tickets, a consumer travel brand of Orbitz Worldwide, leverages QPX to deliver flexible and intuitive search results.

Club Premier

Club Premier, Mexico’s leading coalition loyalty program and operator of Aeroméxico’s frequent flyer program, uses QPX Reward Shopping to offer more flexibility and value for their members.

Club Premier Case Study


Together, QPX and Deem (formerly Rearden Commerce Personal Assistant) help corporations achieve significant savings, more satisfied travelers and a higher percentage of compliance.

Deem Case Study

Defense Travel System

Defense Travel System leverages QPX to provide consistently accurate search results that comply with its unique and complex business rules.

Defense Travel System Case Study


Delta uses QPX to power flight searches across direct channels — including flexible date search, award shopping and a multi-week calendar — to drive higher customer satisfaction and fast performance. by TravelZoo takes advantage of QPX and ITA's comprehensive data to increase customer satisfaction, offering a search engine that is very fast and easy to use.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is a pioneer of Pacific aviation, and efficiently manages complex itineraries with QPX.


Hipmunk takes the agony out of airfare search and uses QPX to let users quickly access and filter more complete and accurate flight data.


One of the largest Asia-Pacific multinational travel agencies, H.I.S. uses QPX to differentiate their online shopping experience, and offer more innovative and comprehensive airline products to their customers.


Kayak is a metasearch innovator, and was the first meta travel site to use QPX. Together, ITA and Kayak are pushing the boundaries of airfare pricing and shopping.

Kayak Case Study

nuTravel Technology Solutions

nuTravel uses the power of QPX to offer reliable and comprehensive search results with flight query times that are faster than other corporate self booking tools.


Orbitz was the first to use our innovative matrix display and achieves online success with QPX's deep and thoroughly customizable search.

Orbitz Case Study


Redtag uses QPX to power global airfare shopping on, giving users more comprehensive results and flexible shopping tools that make it easy to shop, compare and pay less online.

S7 Group

S7 Airlines, one of Russia's largest airlines and a oneworld alliance member, uses QPX pricing and shopping technology to power their new booking platform. QPX supports S7 Airlines' rapid growth in the Russian travel market and gives customers an efficient way of shopping for flights across multiple channels: on, within the call center and via Android or iPhone.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines selected ITA's QPX to support recent website updates and make it even easier for customers to take advantage of the airline's industry-leading low fares.


With ITA Software's QPX, StudentUniverse can reach an expanded customer base and offer a more rewarding travel shopping experience with rapid response times, flexible search capabilities, and remarkable results.

StudentUniverse Case Study

Travel Impressions

Travel Impressions leverages QPX to offer customers better low-fare searches, enhanced domestic and international airfare shopping capabilities, and one of the industry's deepest and most robust search results.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, the fourth largest European airline, uses ITA's QPX airfare pricing and shopping technology to make travel planning much easier for their customers while greatly improving revenues.


United uses QPX and multiple-partner reward shopping to generate ancillary revenue and greater customer satisfaction. United is now the merged United Airlines and Continental Airlines.

US Airways

When US Airways and America West merged, online query volumes grew 67% in one weekend. ITA Software's performance and scalability handled this growth with ease.

US Airways Case Study uses the speed and shopping power of QPX to help increase the number of packages they can offer their customers for exciting getaways.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic uses QPX advanced shopping capabilities like flexible date search, upselling, and award shopping for its customers at